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On December 8, 2000, Sulzer Orthopedics recalled its Inter-Op acetabular shell for hip implants sold primarily in the U.S. after October, 1999, with a small number of lots sold after July, 1997. Approximately 17,500 patients were affected by the recall.

The hip implant part is the acetabular "shell" that is implanted into the upper part of the hip called the acetabulum. Normally, the bone would form an integrated bond with the shell; however, it appears that bone does not always bond with shells when the lubricant residue is present.

Sulzer has stated that after introduction of the product in the United States, it began receiving reports of post-operative loosening of a number of the shells. According to the company, testing of the shells revealed a lubricant residue that was used in the manufacturing process. This residue may cause a reaction in your body that prevents your bone from bonding with the hip implant. Loosening of the shell may occur because of this reaction.

According to company tests a number of patients who received the shell during their total hip replacement have experienced loosening of the shell. Sulzer states that there are specific hip symptoms associated with this problem.

These symptoms include:

Acute pain in your inner thigh or groin
Pain when arising from a seated position
Pain with standing
In ability to bear weight on the leg.

These symptoms may be caused by the shell being loose from the bone.

Patients who are experiencing these symptoms are encouraged to contact their physician. Your doctor may recommend surgical removal of the part if they exhibit symptoms of loosening.

Your surgeon can retrieve the specific lot number used in your hip replacement surgery from your medical records, in order to determine if the hip shell you received is covered by the recall.

If you want to preserve a potential legal claim for a defective medical product you believe you received, you should contact an attorney promptly, since all states have mandatory time periods in which lawsuits must be filed with the courts; otherwise, they may be forever barred.

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