Plane Crash Accidents Handled Throughout the US and the World.

After an airline disaster occurs, victims families require legal representation to help them hold an airline or manufacturer accountable, obtain financial compensation and making those responsible save lives by making safer planes and conducting proper aircraft maintenance.

The attorneys in our network currently represent and have represented survivors and families of victims of aviation disasters under US law throughout the world. An aviation attorney must understand the complex issues involving issues of jurisdiction, venue, and conflicts of law.
Every accident is examined by the legal and aviation experts who prepare each case based on their findings and the specific facts of the crash.

Major Airline Disasters our Attorneys have Handled

The lawyers in our national network have handled thousands of commercial airline disaster cases, including actions against virtually every major national and international airline; and the largest aircraft manufacturers such as Boeing and Airbus. Our attorneys often represent a large number of families from a single disaster.The following is a list of some of the major aviation disasters in which the attorneys in our network have represented passengers and their families:

Our attorneys also handle small aircraft crashes throughout the United States. Fill out the form below and your inquiry will be handled by the some of the top US aviation attorneys.

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