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Guardianship is the legal procedure used to protect persons who are unable to care for themselves because of impaired judgment, mental disability, physical incapacity or diminished capacity.

A Probate Court may make a determination when guardianship is appropriate-the person is evaluated by a licensed physician and the court ascertains the appropriateness of appointing a guardian. Guardianship usually is utilized when the mental or physical impairment poses a threat to a person's own well being. Guardianship gives one person (the guardian) the power to make decisions for another (the ward).

The procedure.

A physician must attest to the person's incompetence, and a petition which must be signed by two people is filed with the Probate Court requesting the appointment of a guardian. The court notifies all the interested parties (including the proposed ward) of the petition for guardianship.The parties may object to the proposed guardianship up to a specified date, after which the court holds a hearing where a judge decides whether or not to appoint a guardian.

If a guardian is appointed they will have control over the financial and the personal decisions of the ward. Certain decisions will need court approval.

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