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    White Collar Crimes in Massachusetts

    White Collar Crimes: Allegations of Medicare/Medicaid fraud, commercial insurance fraud, bank fraud, mail and wire fraud, pension and ERISA fraud, real estate, venture capital, and investment advisory fraud, embezzlement, tax fraud, stock- market irregularities, environmental violations, including representation in related civil investigations and lawsuits before administrative agencies such as the FDIC, FDA, FTC, IRS, SEC, DOL, DOD, U.S. Postal Service, U.S. Customs Service and their state counterparts.

    Professional Misconduct Cases: Allegations of misconduct against professionals, including but not limited to - doctors, lawyers, investment advisors, psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, pharmacists, accountants, bankers, students & academicians - before licensing/regulatory boards & courts of law in criminal as well as in related civil & administrative proceedings - with particular reference to the professional confronting allegations of substance abuse, sexual misconduct or billing irregularity.

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