Computer Crimes

    Computer Crimes- lawyers in Massachusetts

    Computer Crimes & Cyberspace Cases:
    Cyberspace, telecommunications & internet cases including allegations of misconduct on the internet and world-wide web, allegations of downloading pornography, solicitation of minors, hacking/cracking, internet stalking cases, and allegations of online fraud.

    The term "computer crime" includes a wide variety of criminal offenses, activities, or issues also referred to as "computer-related crime." Given the wide spread use of computers in everyday life, even in the lives of those who have never operated a computer, there is often a strong relationship between crime and computers.

    The FBI National Computer Crime Squad's (NCCS) list of crime categories it investigates:

    Intrusions of the Public Switched Network (the telephone company), Major computer network intrusions, Network integrity violations, Privacy violations, Industrial espionage and Pirated computer software.

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