Massachusetts Consumer Protection Law Includes:

    Unfair and deceptive business practices governed by M.G.L. Chapter 93A, Computer Sales and:

    Massachusetts Lemon Law which applies to all vehicles, except those used primarily for business purposes, off-road vehicles, auto homes and motorized bicycles.

    The seller has 3 repair attempts or up to 15 business days out of service before they must refund a consumers money. Alternatively the vehicle is covered for 1 year or 15,000 miles, whichever occurs first.


    State law parallels federal law, the Magnuson-Moss act which gives consumers considerable rights in dealing with manufacturers of lemon cars and most products. This law guarantees a consumer that certain minimum requirements of warranties must be met, and provides for disclosure of warranties before purchase. For any product which has a written warranty if any part of the product, or the product itself is considered defective, the warrantor must permit the buyer the choice of either a refund or replacement of the product.

    Lemon manufacturers are usually given three attempts to fix the defect. Continued attempts to repair beyond the initial three should not be allowed. This is often called the "three strikes and you're out" principle.

    A consumer may pursue legal action in any court of general jurisdiction in the United States to enforce their rights under the Magnuson-Moss Law. If the consumer does win, the court will award attorneys' fees based on actual time spent.

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